Taking Vision...  To Reality.
With over 15 years of experience producing creative visual content for various scientific, research, education, advertising, marketing and broadcast venues, I enjoy combining my technical knowledge of the various media creation tools to take my client's visions to a dramatic finish.  The toolsets I use for creating range from basic Adobe Photoshop imagery creation to high-end computer generated imagery (CGI) and animation using Autodesk Maya software.  Over the years, my work has included projects for advertising agencies, museums, science centers, planetariums, universities, NASA, National Science Foundation, and broadcast networks like National Geographic and Discovery.  As creative professional and innovative client, we will work as a team to visually implement your ideas and exceed your expectations.

Gerry Wagner Crouse
Animator, Illustrator, Designer         

Clever Art Studio
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Providing Creative Design and Media Content.
Visuals are important.  They create initial perceptions and lasting impressions.  Clever Art Studio can maximize your visual impact through animation, illustration and graphics.
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